Chicago, IL, Jan. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FOMO CORP. (US OTC: FOMC) announces that its wholly owned subsidiaries IAQ Technologies LLC (“IAQ”) and Energy Intelligence Center LLC (“EIC”) will offer UV (“ultraviolet”) Disinfection Robots, designed and sold by a leading provider based in the Northeast, for resale and on a recurring revenue model basis under multi-year contracts. The machines, which were just made available last year after substantial R&D in the robotics field including in telepresence and telemedicine, establish critical health and safety initiatives that address COVID response in order to create a safer workplace and cleaner indoor environment.

As part of the strategy, FOMO is launching “FOMO ROBOTICS”, a business unit specifically targeting disinfection technology including mobile and standing devices powered by the Internet of Things (“IoT”). FOMO’s IAQ and EIC businesses will be presenting the Disinfection Robot’s capabilities, including showing its cleaning on a per square foot basis and demonstrating its artificial intelligence (“AI”), at the PETE&C regional forum for educational technology to be held in Hershey, Pennsylvania on February 6-9, 2022. For further information on PETE&C go to

UV Disinfection Robots clean both air and surfaces and promote employee and customer confidence by managing workplace cleaning needs, including disinfecting for COVID-19. With FOMO ROBOTICS, businesses can establish critical health and safety initiatives that include and go beyond COVID response for a safer workplace. The robots are ideal for K12 schools, colleges and universities, offices, warehouse and factory cleaning, hospitals, retail environments, and many other venues delivering peace of mind for on-site employees and customers. Further, by automating certain cleaning functions, they allow cleaning crews to focus on other tasks that cannot be automated further enhancing the cleanliness of venues.

Said Vik Grover, FOMO CEO: “No one service or technology is a guaranteed means of protecting our country, our workers, customers or families from the pandemic. Robots are the future for many applications and represent a logical addition to IAQ’s and EIC’s portfolios offering clean air and disinfection to business, industry and government. We have already prepaid for 30-day K12 trials and hope to announce one or more on or before the PETE&C show next month. Completion of a trial and analysis of data will set the stage for a broader rollout of FOMO ROBOTICS through our existing ecosystem, including planned and potential future acquisitions. We are in discussions with multiple additional vendors of UV Disinfection machines including disinfection lockers for student equipment, other robotic devices, and standing room appliances all fulfilling our clean building segment’s mission of fighting pathogens with a one-stop shop approach. We intend to make a big splash at the PETE&C tradeshow and will be showcasing our clean building solutions and UV Disinfection Robots in a booth nearby the booth of SMARTsolution Technologies Inc. [“SST”] whose acquisition by FOMO is underway. It’s time for FOMO to go get the future. It’s here.”

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